Inquiry and Seminar

Mid 1960’s to Mid 1980’s

Summary of the era

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Welcome to the era of the Revolution as viewed through the lens of the Women’s Movement.  A time of human rights and social change. Flower Power!

    • This was the beginning of the technological age.  There was a space race and man was on the moon.  Pictures of earth, the blue marble - were flooding into our living rooms. 
    • Expo 67 - Man and his World, invited the whole world to Montreal to take part and learn. 
    • Capitalism was alive and well.
    • Dr. Martin Luther King was leading the Civil Rights Movement in the US, however thousands marched in Montreal supporting the cause.
    • Vietnam was in full swing. 
    • There was a smorgasbord of voices emerging for social change; Women’s Rights, Civil Rights, Anti-Nuclear, Global issues and Global politics. 
    • The time of the US Great Inflation
    • Music was new and exciting and was the background for the time. Bellbottoms were in. 
    • It was peace and love. Kitsilano was the place to be. Sits Ins and protests were being organized.
    • Psychedelic! and Groovy! Were the coined phrases of the time, among others!  flower power
    • Miniskirts were in. 
    • Boomers were coming of age and rebelling against the system was the scene, mannnnnn!
    • Rene Levesque was on the political scene in Quebec voicing separatism and affecting Canada’s image.
    • Pierre Trudeau in power, FLQ, riots in the streets and tanks rolling down the streets of Montreal
    • Increased social programs, multicultural awareness and care for humankind were on people’s minds.
    • World trade rose 7% annually into the mid-1970’s
    • In the early 80s the recession hit and unemployment was high.
    • Personal computers appeared on our desks.
    • Iran/Iraq War was playing out on TV before our eyes.
    • Vancouver prepared for Expo 86.